'a healthy event'

Footreflex massage is a very old health massage, but didn't get introduced to Europe until around 1940.


The principle of this massage is in the fact that the whole body is reflected on the feet (as on the hands and in the eyes etc.).

Pressure points

By giving pressure on a certain point, which corresponds to a certain part of the body, it is possible that blockades in the energy flow, and therefore troubles and illnesses can be
prevented, diminished or resolved.


This massage has its influence on the body as well as on the spirit; it is relaxing and brings tranquillity to the mind.

A foot massage can bring relieve in case of:

- headache
- stomach troubles
- intestinal problems
- stress and nervousness
- backache
- troubles of the joints
- muscle pain
- problems with menstruation and pregnancy

The immune system will be strengthened by the massage. Toxins will be drained away quicker, and so the massage will reduce tiredness.


With footreflexmassage it is possible to prevent sport injuries. For instance injuries of the muscles and the joints.


The result will be the best with weekly treatments and for at least six weeks in a row.

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